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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Patterns Anyone?

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I had some major technical issues.  Basically Live Writer wouldn’t work, something about connection problems.  Anyway, the other day I stopped by Bookman’s for the first time in a while.  I had plenty of trade credit leftover and a specific reason for shopping.


I wanted to get some more patterns and I was lucky to find some gems.  I found three packets of vintage patterns that I both liked and were in my size.  That doesn’t always happen.  My favorite is the Simplicity one, can you see why?  I think it is the cutest dress and I just need the right fabric.  Look forward to seeing it on a future list.  All the patterns were $2 each, not too bad.  They did have a bunch for $1, but I couldn’t use most of them.  Darn.

I managed to also get some inkpads for $1 each and found a cute new rubber stamp to add to my collection for only 75 cents.  And just for fun, I got a graphic novel for a series I hadn’t read yet.  It’s called Pichi Pichi Pitch.  The characters are cute and there’s plenty of gags, but the story is a little hard to follow.  There seems to be some inconsistencies and some little details that aren’t explained much.  Still, I’m dying to find out what happens in volume 2.  Better get back to my sewing.  Should have the next project finished by tomorrow or Thursday.  Look forward to it.

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