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Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a Dollar Buys These Days

This weekend, my church had their rummage sale with the dollar a bag sale.  That’s where you get a plastic grocery bag and jam in as much stuff as you can without busting it, the whole thing will only cost one dollar.  Needless to say, I am pretty good at cramming things into bags and came back with plenty of goodies.

photos 175


I got some more t-shirts and a tank top because you can never have too many.  I live in t-shirts mostly. 




photos 176I found this pretty floral top, but I think it’s a little too sheer.  Maybe the tank will come to the rescue.  I grabbed a pair of shorts because most of mine are worn out (see post Shorts No-more).  And in preparing for winter, I found this pretty poncho and a pair of holiday socks.  I have a thing for socks with snowflakes and stuff. 


photos 177I found these two skirts, the black one is okay and would be good for work (if I ever find a job), but the other one is really cool.  It’s handmade, possibly a first-time project.  Ah, doesn’t that bring back memories. 




photos 178I found these two jackets that would also be good for work, although they are technically a little big on me.  If they won’t work I’ll make them work.  Heh, Heh.  The pink one reminds me so much of Legally Blonde 2, or possibly Barbie.  I use to have a doll that was suppose to be a flight attendant with pink jacket similar to this.  Coffee?


photos 180For fun, I got two Sailor Moon videos, a book and a pink pillow case.  The pillow case and book are perfect together because I do a lot of my reading before bed.   Of course the book it fitting anyway, it’s called Life Lessons Learned While Shopping.

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