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Saturday, September 26, 2009

To Care and To Carry

 photos 190The other day I woke up to a odd sound just outside my window.  It was this little pigeon.  Two cats were “playing” with him.  They ruffled him up a little, but I think most of his injuries were pre-existing which made him an easy target for the cats.  I been taking care of him, and he seems to be okay.  He can walk and hop up stairs and all, but he can’t fly and doesn’t seem to want to leave our porch.  I guess it’s survival instinct, it’s safer up here.  Well, I’m not complaining, I love pigeons.

photos 197Also, I made myself this purple tote bag.  I thought I could use a cute new one that hopefully is more “professional” looking than my beat up bag.  Actually anything is more professional looking than my old bag.  This one is lined with a polka dot print, has a extra pocket on the inside for organization, and it’s huge.  Perfect for the junk I tend to tote around.

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