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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Cat day

Today is Midnight’s birthday!  My dear kitty is 5 years old now, not a little baby anymore.  In fact, I think she’s getting close to kitty middle-age.  Scary. 

photos 069

photos 187I usually don’t bother with making birthday presents for her anymore, save that for Christmas.  But she’s getting a very special dinner tonight,  thanks to a free sample from Wal-Mart.  Did you know you can get samples from the website?  They frequently have pet food samples so I check regularly.  Anyway, Midnight is having a happy and healthy birthday and hopefully she’ll have plenty more.


  1. I got that, too! There's this cute little kitty that roams around my neighborhood, so he got this little treat. Loved it. Made me feel warm inside. :)

  2. Our Pussy cats are so spoilt that a treat is expected everyday, with occasional extras of champagne ham and fresh salmon :-) They're getting on a bit now so we pretend like they deserve it lol!


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