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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Home of Their Own

The Adventures of Kailey and Boris eps. 2 Here’s episode two of Kailey and Boris, I’d meant to have it up about a week ago, but things happen sometimes.

In this one, Kailey and Boris get a house, so naturally this lead to them needing furniture.  I had a little trouble at first, but with some old ribbon and thread spools and cardboard scraps along with the usual supplies, it came along nicely.

I love the fabric covered frames on the walls, I’m thinking of making some for myself.  The little bowls on the tables are made from curled strips of paper and glue, I’d like to make some of them too.

When you do watch (please do), some of you may notice the sunny face above the table.  It’s part of a broken pencil sharpener I saved.  You may also notice it moves a little, it kept falling down during filming, oops. 

Now here’s episode 2!
The photos in the film were provided by FreeDigitalPhotos.net.  Yay!

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