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Friday, July 31, 2009

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

black cat I’ve noticed when I read other blogs that I can’t stand the posts that have no photos.  A picture somehow makes it easier to start reading.  But on the other hand, I also can’t stand blogs that are nothing but pictures.  It needs some words to read even if it’s just a caption for the photo.  Is this strange?  Maybe it stems from my earlier years when all picture-less books were considered “boring”.  Even today, if a novel doesn’t have a cute looking cover I’m likely to past it by.  That probably seems superficial, but not always.  Sometimes one’s definition of cute or appealing varies greatly from another person’s.  The cover of a book and a photo on a blog are both like a store’s banner or sign, drawing in the target audience and getting them to sit down and take notice.  Of course its then up to the author of the book or writer of the blog to keep the audience’s attention, hence the need for at least some writing with that snazzy photo.  Otherwise, everyone will feel like they wasted their time.  Sort of like a movie that was hyped up by advertising, yet bombed at the box office.  So the questions to think about are who is your target audience, do they think your photos are “cute”, and can you back it up with your writing?  On that note, how well did I do with my photo choice?


  1. Just read that you're a twin. We're twins, too :)

  2. Cool, do you actually look alike? I really don't think me and my sister look much alike, but people always seem to mix us up anyway. Strange.


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