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Saturday, July 22, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Got the BC Stack 2017

This post may contain affiliated links, please check out my disclosures page for more info.  Thanks!

Yesterday, something strange and miraculous happened.  I checked my email.

I know, I do it everyday, but this time I got a most wonderful email.  It told me about this beautiful thing called the BC Stack.  It’s a bundle deal of resources for bloggers/small businesses.  They only do it once a year, and that’s okay, because it makes it feel like Christmas.   Over $9000 worth of courses and such for a super low price, $27.  That’s it, no extra fees or taxes, just 27 dollars!

I bought it up faster than you can say Goodwill Dollar day.  It is particularly unusual since, I’m sad to admit this, during all the years I’ve been blogging I have never purchased a single course or book on the subject.  I’ve always relied on free resources provided by all the many generous bloggers out there.

5 Reasons why I got the BC Stack 2017. A bundle deal of blogging courses/resources.

Why I took the plunge to get the BC Stack 2017:

  • Education is important.  Everyone and their mother will tell you this for everything in life, and blogging is no exception.  I’ve heard from more bloggers than I can count how important it is to invest in your blog/business by taking courses, reading, etc.  You need to learn to grow.  However…
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.  I’ve shied away from many paid blogging courses out there, even the most well loved ones simply due their not so well loved prices.  Some go for hundreds of dollars.  Hard to justify (even though I spend that much on dolls, but that’s another issue).
  • I love bargain deals.  You see this well in my Comicon grab bag haul (see Phoenix Comicon Shopping Haul and Grab Bag Opening).  Getting a big bag of goodies for a small, small price is super fun.  And I think the BC Stack is like the motherlode of grab bags.  Except this time, instead of random toys I may not use, I get a boat load of eBooks and courses I will definitely use.  I know this because…
  • It includes products I wanted to buy anyway.  That’s right.  Despite my cheapskate nature, there are a few of those oh so pricey courses and books I’m willing to save up for.  Like The Blogging Binder created by Sara Titus as well as several of her eBooks.  Also Blog Clarity’s Media Smash Book.
  • Nearly everyone can afford it.  That $27 price tag is tiny.  I’ve bought shoes for more than that, and I’m especially stingy on shoes.  I also spend more than that on fabric, drawing pens, make up (despite the little I actually wear), and my ramen addiction.  If necessary, I can cut back on all of those to afford this bundle easily.

These are my reasons, now what about you?  Check out the BC Stack while you still can, it’s only available for 4 more days.  Find your reason to take the plunge and tell us about it.

Update 7/25/17

Last day to get this deal is tomorrow, so this is your last chance!  They actually added an extra bonus to the stack, the BC eBusiness Subscription Box.  They will send you a goodie box (by email) containing an ebook and other fun things each month.  Don’t worry, those who already bought the BC Stack will get it too. :)

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  1. Thanks for the info on the BC stack. Best wishes for using the contents to your advantage. It sounds like you'll get lots of excellent education, advice, and resources for your modest investment.
    Carol ("Mimi") from Home with Mimi


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