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Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Favorite Things: Pigeons

You read that title correctly.  One of my favorite animals are…



Yep, I actually like “rats with wings”.  What is it about them?  First off is their walk, I guess I have a thing for birds that walk or strut instead of hop.  It’s one of the reasons I also like chickens.  I also think they are pretty birds.  Just take a look at those iridescent feathers on that male in the photo.  And I love the ones with white/brown feathers, though people usually call those one “doves”.  Technically the terms dove and pigeon refer to the same animal.  True they aren’t necessarily the smartest birds I know.  I once saw a pair of pigeons attempt to outrun a bus.  Luckily for them the driver had a heart.  Still, I think they are great birds and such fun to watch.

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