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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Little Sharing and a Reminder

A couple of things to share today.  First, the weather.  Like a week ago or so there was a sort of small thunder storm around here.  I didn’t mention it before because it didn’t seem to be a big deal until I saw this…


It’s a palm tree nearby my house.  Yep, it was hit by a bolt of lightening.  Now it’s charcoal.


It’s completely black the whole way down.  It makes me wonder, can trees continue to live and grow after being hit?  I hope so, so does my little friend there to right.  You seem him right?


Here he is, this is one of my neighbors.  His name is Domino and in case it isn’t obvious, he is a donkey.  He lives with a couple of horses too, but I can’t remember their names.  It’s strange, I see him a lot but I don’t actually know his “people”.  That’s how it always seem to be.  I know almost nothing about my neighbors, but I know all their pets.

The second thing is something cute.  This is my nephew on his way to school.  Today was his very first day of Kindergarten.  Oh, but don’t worry, he wasn’t scared at all to go to school.  He couldn’t wait to go and now he can’t wait to go back tomorrow.  I know this because his “mommy” dragged me out of bed this morning and insisted I go with them.  I got a cute photo and free donuts out of it.  The school provided breakfast to the parents of kindergarteners.  Score.

One more thing, don’t forget to enter my little contest.  The deadline is tomorrow evening after all and the winner will be decided this Saturday.  Can’t wait.

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