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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bad News, Good News, and Good Deals

First the bad news.  The Goodwill Store closest to me closed up last week.  Sad smile

Now the good news!  A new one opened up.  It’s farther away, but larger and better organized.  Today they had their grand opening.  It was great but unbelievably crowded.  They gave out bottled water, orange juice, chips and donuts to everyone who came and several people got free gift certificates.  Not me, I got there too late.  I did score some excellent deals.  Here they are all together.


  • 9 My Little Ponies
  • 1 non-name brand pony toy
  • 2 packages of bobbins
  • 1 pack silk pins
  • 1 really nice seam gauge
  • 1 pack dressmaker’s chalk pencils
  • 1 pack doll hands
  • 1 wooden crochet hook
  • Several knitting needles
  • Some ribbon
  • 1 girl scout cookie badge
  • 1 Hello Kitty bento box
  • 1 triangle shaped pendant thingy
  • A ton of vintage buttons
  • More 9 and 7 inch zippers than I know what to do with.

Total Cost: $5.00.  Hours spent among my fellow thrifters: priceless.

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