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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bows, Not Just for Gift Wrap

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Here is some jewelry I made with bias tape, as modeled by one of my nieces.  I had some packages of the stuff catching dust and had to do something with them.

Necklace made from bias tape.

First I made a bunch of little bows.  They’re made the same way as those packaged gift bows you see in stores.  Why buy them when you can easily make them out of anything. 

Bracelet made from bias tape.

For the necklace and bracelet I just attached them to a longer piece of the bias and tied them on.

Quick ring made from bias tape and a cheap plastic ring.

For the ring I glued one on an old plastic ring with gem glue.  I got the plastic ring years ago from one of those coin machines.  The fake jewel fell off, so a bow made an excellent substitute.  Pins made from bias tape.

I used gem glue to attach pin backs to make the two pins. 

So here’s the updated list:

  • bottle cozy
  • half apron
  • hankies
  • snowflake angels
  • bias tape accessories
  • mini baskets
  • pouches
  • bead headbands
  • Wings
  • scarf
  • id tag holder
Two down, nine to go.  Next is the tag holder.

Give it a try:

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