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Friday, November 6, 2009

A+ and Stuff

photos 231Yesterday was my first exam at Apollo, and I got 100% on it.  Seriously, it had 100 with a smiley face.  To celebrate, I made myself a new wallet, the old one was starting to look kind of cruddy.  I used some scraps of denim and my Tweety Bird fabric.  The picture’s kind of lousy though.  It has a pocket for bills and three pockets for cards and stuff, one of them is on the outside for convenience.  It’s easier when I need my library card in a hurry or something.  And of course, there is a zippered pocket for change, always a necessity for me.  I’ve always had good luck when it comes to finding change on the ground.  They say it’s lucky to find a penny, what is it when you find a twenty?  That actually has happened to me.  Maybe “Tweety” will make me even luckier.  I can always dream.


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