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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fun With Cardboard

Fun with Cardboard
So I was bored and killing time on the internet when I should have been studying, and found some things to do with cardboard.  It is one of the most abundant items in most households, especially after a move.  Instead of dumping that old box in the recycling bin (or gasp! the dumpster), why not get some amusement from it.
  • Doll House—This link shows you how to make your very own doll house with an old box. Perfect for your special doll, or dolls you’re going to make now that you have a little house to kill some time on. 
  • Igloo—Speaking of houses, why not your own cardboard igloo.  If nothing else, it’d make a great school project for the kids.
  • Print making—According to this article, you can use cardboard to make shapes and print on fabric and stuff.  I guess it’s kind of like that old project where you cut designs into potatoes and use them as stamps to decorate wrapping paper.  Just use cardboard and save the potatoes for dinner.
  • Oven—This project is from Martha Stewart so it’s a little ambitious, but darn it if it doesn’t look so cool.
  • Puppet Theatre—Another from Martha Stewart, but seems easier to conquer.  It brings back memories for me, when I was younger I spent a great deal of time making puppets and writing plays for them.  I still have a few of them, but they haven’t exactly aged gracefully.
  • Purse—This one is really pretty, it’s suppose to use those boxes you use to mail videos and DVDs.
  • Furniture—Feeling ambitious? How about a cardboard chair, this will support an adult.  At least that’s what the article says, but it’s all part of the adventure.
Now the next time you move or order something online, just think of what you can do with the box and some imagination.  Or you can just dump your extra supplies in it.


  1. I LOVED playing with cardboard boxes when I was little. I especially loved it when we got new appliances because those boxes were huge!


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