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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Festivities

photos 223There was a Halloween door decorating contest at school this week.  Here’s what my class came up with.   The skeleton in the center has fake bugs and glitter glued to it and has splotches of “blood” and is holding a “bloody” syringe.  The curtains are made from plastic tablecloths with cutouts from treat bags attached to them.  There are fake bats hanging from the top of the frame (half of them glow in the dark), and right above is a sign that says “Happy Halloween” spelt out in fake bugs.  A few of them were cut in half with some more “blood”.  Overall, I’d say we did an excellent job, too bad we didn’t win.

Speaking of winning, remember that costume I posted about? (See Two New Outfits, One Special Day)  It won third place in today’s Halloween costume contest.  First place was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and second place was this really cool hairy monster costume.  Sadly, I couldn’t quite enjoy my prize, it was a large chocolate lollypop with certain ingredients I can’t eat.  Still, it was a decent birthday for me.

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