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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back to School

photo_6559_20090525 I have applied to Apollo college for their veterinary assistant program.  I start in a little over a week and I feel a mix of excitement/nervousness about it.  Mostly excitement, the program is so cool and I can bring Midnight to class on certain days.  Of course that’s only to practice on her, she’ll “love” that.  I’m trying to think of some vet themed crafts to do, at least there are plenty of things to do school supplies.  The usual pencil pouches, snack bags, and decorated notebooks and binders should do the trick.  Apparently I’m suppose to wear scrubs to class, I wonder if they will let me work some crafty magic on them.  Maybe not.  I have a week to deal with it all, so no problem.  The only real problem is doing all the work.  Some of things I’ll be learning is drawing blood and running tests on it, but I’ve always had a thing about needles.  And the sight of blood makes me dizzy which is odd.  When I was younger, I was constantly getting nosebleeds.  It continued through high school, and I was just fine with it although other kids were squeamish about it.  Why am I fine with blood from the nose and freaked when it comes from everywhere else?  Oh well, I’ll get over it, I hope.

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  1. good for you! I have thought about going to Apollo college for veterinary school, but decided to go to community college instead for art and social work. I can't wait to read updates on your progress and how you like it! Good luck and have fun!


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