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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Quick and Easy Dollar Store Tea Set Makeover

This post may contain affiliate links, please check out my disclosures page for more info.  Thanks!

Finally, the last project on my list.  A pretty tea set.

Quick and Easy Dollar Store Tea Set Makeover

I wanted another cute little porcelain tea set for my dolls and stuff.  You used to be able to find them at most dollar stores.  Sadly that’s not the case anymore. 

So, I did the next best thing.

A pink and yellow plastic toy tea set bought from Dollar Tree, a dollar store chain.

I got a plastic set instead (see the doll blog for their reaction).  You can find this tea set at Dollar Tree as well as most dollar stores.

It’s the right size and is sort of cute, but the colors are kind of tacky.  The easiest way to fix the color issue was to paint it.

So let’s paint some plastic!

Getting ready to paint the tea set using acrylic paints, glossy Mod Podge, cheap brushes, a paper plate and one other tool.

I gathered up some supplies I had on hand and got to work.  I used acrylic paints, paint brushes, a paper plate for the paint, and glossy Mod Podge

The Mod Podge protects the work and makes the pieces shiny and pretty.

The strangest tool needed, emory boards for nails.  Can also use fine sandpaper.  Just lightly sand the surface of the plastic pieces before painting them.

I also used these, nail emery boards.  You could also use fine sand paper, but I used these because it’s what I had around.

So first, I lightly sanded the surface of all my pieces.  This helps the paint stick on better, or so I’ve been told.

Paint the pieces with 1-2 coats of white paint as a base.  Let dry  between coats.

Then I applied 2 coats of white paint to all the pieces, allowing them to dry between coats.  I painted one side of each piece at a time.

I was going to paint the pieces a different color after the white paint dried, but I decided they looked pretty that way and went with it.

Adding pink paint to bring out the details in the cute dishes and cups.  There are little hearts and flowers!

I then added some pale pink paint to bring out some of the details.

Finish with one 1-2 coats of glossy Mod Podge to protect and make it shine.

And finally, I applied two coats of the glossy Mod Podge (allowing to dry between coats) to seal and finish them.

The tea set looks so much nicer now.  The gloss makes the pieces look very porcelain-like, but since they are plastic I don’t have to worry about dropping them.

A close up of one of the tea cups, looks a little like porcelain now with the gloss.

I could have painted little designs on the cups like flowers and such if I wanted to, but maybe I will save that for another set.

A close up of the tea pot, it looks great too.

I really like how cute the tea pot came out.  There were little roses around the heart that I didn’t even notice until I started painting it.

A close up of one of the dishes, you can really see the cute heart pattern.

The plates look really pretty too, the hearts are so sweet.

A close up of one of the spoons.  It is painted white with pink on the inside.

I added a touch of pink to the spoons to tie them into the set, also because painting them white made them look too much like “disposable” plastic spoons.  Maybe next time I’ll try using a silver or gold paint.

The finished teaset in all its glory.

Over all, I think the tea set looks great and it would be fun to paint more of them in the future.

Here’s the updated list:

Six down and out.

Give it a try:

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