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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stocking Up With Sales

Holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean the shopping has ended yet.  I made all my gifts, so I still have cash to spare.

photos 1309First I made a stop at SAS, I do believe I have mentioned the wonder that is SAS before (see Done Already?).  I got more eyelet lace for $1 (as if I needed more), a huge roll of elastic that was also $1, 4 bells for 5 cents each, and 6 rolls of ribbon.  Two of those were 99 cents each, the second two were 65 cents, and the last two were free.  They were having a buy two get one free sale on ribbon, and they were insistent.  I had only picked out four rolls and the lady at the counter refused to ring me up until I had picked out the two free ones, not complaining about it.  Free is free.

photos 1306

I stopped by Wal-Mart this week as well, everyone’s heard of their 50% off Christmas clearance, right?  The only Christmas thing I liked was this cinnamon scented candle on sale for 50 cents.  It smells fantastic, much better than the pine and spiced apple ones.  While browsing I found these cute little erasers.  They had a bunch of them and they are only 50 cents a pack.  So cute, and shaped like desserts, junk foods, sushi, toothbrushes, cooking utensils, etc.  So many to choose from, I think I want to go back for more.

photos 1312

My mom gave me all her Bookman’s trade credit for Christmas, so I had to make a stop there.  I got the PatLabor vol. 7 DVD for $4, a baggie with and inkpad and 6 self-inking stamps for $1, and a rubber stamp of a heart-shaped bar of soap for 25 cents.  I also got a book but I didn’t like it so I’m taking it back, they have an excellent return policy.

I also got some hair elastics from DollarTree (obviously for $1), and some serger thread for $2 and white gloves for $1 at Joann’s.  They didn’t seem to be much of a point to take pictures of those, who doesn’t know what thread looks like.  Plus you will probably get to see the elastic and gloves eventually anyway, I am planning on doing something with them.  Might as well since I am now fully stocked up on ribbon and lace.  Look forward to it.

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