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Sunday, February 12, 2017

A-Maze-ing Valentine’s Day

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Finally I have my first project ready to share.

Anyway, I started thinking about Valentine’s day a little too late this year.  So I wanted to possibly give some cute little cards to a few people, but again this is a little late so making something super elaborate wouldn’t work.  But I also didn’t want to just buy a box cards in a store.

Then I thought of mazes.

Many of you already know that I draw mazes and post them on my maze blog.  Last Christmas I made a cute maze to liven up gift cards, so why not make a little something for Valentine’s Day too?  Which means…

Mazes for Valentine's Day

Maze Valentines!

I made a cute set of mazes to give out to special people.  And just like with the gift card maze, I made them available to all. 

You can find the download link here on my maze blog.  Feel free to print them and give them away or use them to decorate you gifts.  Get creative, and please share your creations with me.

Here’s the updated list:

  • coats
  • hearts
  • organize
  • blouse
  • outfit

One down, four more to go.  Look forward to the next project.

Give it a try:

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