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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When Life Happens, or Why I’ve Been So Quiet

redrose-gfairySo I haven’t exactly blogged much in the last few months.  I do have a reason for this, something that I’ve been rather quiet about offline and completely silent online.  How should I explain?

Once upon a time, toward the end of last October, I got home from an appointment only to have my sister inform me that we received an eviction noticed.  The notice didn’t actually give a reason as to why they wanted us out, which of course was strange.  What was even stranger was when they refused to accept our rent payment for November, but then we got a court summons for eviction due to “non-payment of rent”.  We moved out in December and my family sort of split in different directions, that includes Midnight.  Yes, I had to give up my beloved kitty.  She’s alright though, she’s living with a friend of a friend of a friend.  Some people call him “the cat whisper”, Midnight totally loves him.  I stayed with friends for a while and have been staying in motels with my mother and brother for the last couple of months.  Some people might use the word “homeless” to describe the current situation.  I’m not sure about that, but I don’t like to focus on that for too long. 

The main reasons I have been so silent here?  First off, I just wasn’t really ready to talk about all of this much let alone blog about it.  Second, it was pretty much the only thing I had to blog about.  We had to put most of our belongings in storage, that includes all my craft supplies.  So I have not been able to make anything since December, oh the horror!  Plus the whole losing the last place I called home really does put me in the mood to blog about other happy things, not!  So here’s the equation:

No crafty fun to blog about + big event that I couldn’t speak of + sadness


dead, silent blog

They say when things don’t go quite right, it’s good to stay positive right?  So, in the name of optimism I have come up with two new goals.  One is to try to appreciate the little things in my life.  So every week I will blog about something that brings a smile to my face on a regular basis.  Watch for this later this week.  The second is pay back.  I mean giving back, to those online who support me.  Explanation?  Whenever someone leaves a comment here or on my other blog, re-tweets me on twitter, follows me on pinterest, etc. I receive an email.  I have never deleted any of these emails because each one has made me so happy.  I thought why not return the favor.  So from now on whenever I receive one of these emails I will try my best to do something in return, be it leaving a comment, re-pinning pins, or following blogs and such.  I am starting retroactively, meaning I am going through all my old emails and spending a few moments each day showing some love to these individuals who gave me some love over the past few years.  Better get to it, I’ve got a lot to do now.Smile

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