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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Look to the Left


See that, it’s another poll.  This time to see if I should get rid of the monkey widget.  I know Momo is cute and entertaining, but I think he’s causing problems.  The blog has been loading up more slowly since I installed that widget, and it kind of looks a little cluttered.  But what do you all think?  Please vote on it, and maybe leave a comment if you have other opinions along the same matter.

On another note, ever heard of the Random Tutorial Generator?  I found it through Twitter and it’s pretty cool, you click the button and a random craft tutorial pops up from blogs all over the web.  You can search their database if you want something specific.  You can also submit your own tutorials or your favorite ones to them by emailing the links.  I just hope nobody tries to spam them or something like that. 

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