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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Last Haul

Just as I promised yesterday, here are all the goodies I got from SAS.  It will be my last trip there for quite some time, so I’ll be sure to make the most of them. Sad smile


  • Several yards of a floral print poly-cotton: $2.99/yard
  • A baggie of various remnants of ribbon: 99 cents
  • A baggie of buttons: 99 cents
  • A baggie of “special” buttons: $2.99
  • Pin backs: 60 cents/dozen
  • Various hair clips/combs/barrettes: 10-15 cents each
  • 3000 yard spool of white thread: $3.99
  • A few hours spent in a store where everyone knows what it means to really craft: priceless.

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