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Friday, September 20, 2013

LinkUp #44

Time for another Free for All Friday.

Just a little note first:

I was messing with some stuff on Google yesterday, and had a little accident with some photos. Oops.  Basically it means if you have one of my buttons on your blog or whatever, it will not display correctly and you will need to re-copy and paste the code.  Sorry about that.  Now back to important stuff.

The rules:

  • No more then 5 links.
  • You must link to individual posts on your blog instead of the just your blog.
  • Same with shops (zibbet, etsy, etc.), link to a specific item in your shop.
  • Twitter and Facebook links are welcome.
  • Links must be family friendly.
  • Don’t forget to grab one of my buttons (they’re on the left).
  • Following me is not required, but it is helpful (for me).
  • Beyond that anything goes.

The best links are pinned to the Best of Free for All Fridays Pinterest Board.

Now get to it and have fun.

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